My Best Friend’s Stepmom – Part 2

Since I don’t have a car, I always ride with Josh going home after school or basketball practice. Though that day he got sick so he asked Violet if I could pick him up which she agreed to. It has been a year since they lost Josh’s dad and you can still see the sadness in their eyes but they kept moving on despite what happened and in my eyes Violet is still beautiful as ever. In my head I keep thinking that since I am 18 now I have a shot with her, well that’s all I can do, wish and fantasize.

I was waiting on the curve near the school gate when Violet honked and stopped the car in front of me. I got inside the car and greeted her casually. “Ready to go?” she said, I replied “Yeah sure.” I pulled the seatbelt from the back but I can’t get it out. After a few minutes of struggle, Violet said “Sorry, got to get that fixed, let me do it.” She reached back into my seat and gently pulled the seat belt. She was super close to me, her cheek almost touching my lips and her breasts were pushing against my body. I felt heat rising up inside me. She then drew the seat belt downward gently grazing my sweaty and warming up body, causing electric shocks with every contact. She locked the seatbelt then I noticed she was looking down on something. It was then when I realized that my dick got hard and was forming a bump on my shorts and she was looking at it! I felt so embarrassed at that moment, a few seconds later she came back to her seat and started driving.

My sexual fantasy about my best friends stepmom

After a while, she said, “Hey you look flustered.” I replied “Yeah, probably coz of the practice we had earlier.” She reached for a cup of iced tea she had on the side and gave it to me and as I was reaching for it, we hit a bump in the road which caused the iced tea to rain down on me. She said sorry and pulled over on the side of the road. I was drenched and she said that I better take off my shirt because I might get sick. I shyly followed her orders while she opened up the compartment in front of me to get tissues. As she reached down her breasts lay flat on my legs and I can feel the softness and warmth of them against my skin. She took some sheets of tissue and started wiping my body. She started on my chest, gently wiping off then she started going down to my abs. Every time her hand touches my skin, I feel shocked coursing through my body and my dick got harder and harder. She went lower, accidentally grazing my dick which was almost going out of my boxers, my body jolted at contact. She stopped for a while after seeing my body react then continued. She was now wiping faster and harder and every time her hand traced my pre-cumming dick, my eyes rolled back in pleasure. Inside my head, it is almost like she was doing it on purpose. I shook my head to remove the thoughts running inside and I said “Thank you, I’m okay now.” She stopped and went back to her seat. I gave out an internal sigh of relief and thank heavens it was over because I might cum with what was happening. Then something happened that I never expected possible.

My Best Friend’s Stepmom – Part 3…

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