Types of MILFs Part 2

We have discussed the first two types of MILFs in the previous article: the Closeted and the Elite, now we will discuss the other two types of MILFs for you to know further.

1. The Cougar

Cougars can be easily identified with their confidence and their openness to their sexual needs. They dress sexily and their body language is always enticing and erotic like they are always on the hunt for prey to devour. They know what they want and they will do anything to get their target. You usually need the slightest provocation to get their attention or you may not notice it but they are already on the prowl to pounce on you. Cougars are very dominant in bed, and because they know the things that will satisfy them they will use you and take every ounce of your strength until they are satiated. One good thing about cougars is that they can make you experience stuff in bed that you never imagined that you could happen to you which will definitely blow your and dick to sexual euphoria. You have to be careful with them though since they are free-spirited and wild animals, they can rarely be put inside a cage or leashed. Expect that they may or will have other toys on their disposal so better prepare yourself and don’t get easily attached to them.

2. The Ripe

This is probably the rarest but the most special kind of MILF there is. They are very mature and experienced, they are great and still adventurous in terms of sex, they are fun to be with, and they are confident and no-nonsense. These are basically the person made for you but you only will encounter them when they are fully ripe for the picking. They are great partners and can even be marriage material.  They may come from the first three kinds of MILFs wherein compatibility and chemistry will determine if they will be indeed the Ripe MILF for you.

Regardless of the kind of MILF you are into, you should always remember that the secret into having any sort of relationships with them is to be yourself and to believe in your own strengths and capabilities. It may be easier in a way to maintain relationships with them, sexual and/or romantic, compared to younger or less mature women because of their maturity and open-mindedness but you should never forget that they are still flowers that need a certain amount of care for you to experience their full beauty and to taste their sweet and ripe fruit.

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