My Best Friend’s Stepmom – Part 1

You can call me Kevin. I am a graduating senior, a basketball varsity player gifted with good looks and a chiseled bod. I’ve had several girlfriends in the past but none of them really lasted for long. Don’t get me wrong, they were good girlfriends, outside and on the bed but it seemed like that there is something lacking or it may be because I have a thing for my best friend Josh’s stepmom.

Josh’s parents divorced a few years back and his mom gave up custody to have a new life with her current boyfriend at that time. When we were fourteen, Josh’s dad got married to Violet who was also divorced. She is a very attractive woman, despite being at her mid-forties when they got married; she looked very young with a very athletic body, rounded buttocks and voluptuous breasts. When I first met her, my jaw dropped, my dick stiffened and a flame started to burn inside me that caused me to turn red outside. “Hey dear you look flustered, want some ice tea?” she asked while bending down in front of me, the cleavage of her breast enticing me, my dick got harder and I can feel my underwear getting wet. That was the start of my secret admiration and fantasy for her.

My wild sexual fantasy about my best friends stepmom

Three years later, Josh’s dad died because of a heart attack which devastated both Josh and Violet. Good thing that Violet was a great mom to Josh and they became like best friends so she promised to take care of Josh in place of his dad. I was sad for them, but secretly deep inside I felt like this was the universe telling me that I have a chance to be with Violet which made me feel guilty and horny at the same time. So I did my best to keep my feelings and dick under wraps. Though every night, I would find myself browsing through her pictures on FB and fantasizing about her. As I was browsing her wall, someone tagged a picture of her lying down in a beach wearing the hottest swimsuit ever. I started to look at her beautiful face then towards her breasts that were tightly hugged by her bikini; you can see her hardened nipples bumping out. My gaze went lower to her smooth yet well-defined abdomen and further done you can see the silhouette of her pussy on her swimsuit. I focus on her vagina while I reach down to hold my hard and pulsating dick. In my head I get to rub my dick against her swimsuit pushing through her crevice, the tip of my dick barely pushing in because of the fabric. I push through harder, like wanting to rip a hole on her suit so that I can finally enter her. I go faster and faster fucking her swimwear as hard as I can, then finally I rip through her bikini and as my dick penetrates herwarm and wet pussy, I explode inside her. I slump on my bed, sweating and tired, my boxers wet with my cum. I put my arm above my eyes and could only wish that my fantasy will come true one day.

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