Kink Unlimited Review


This sex fantasy is more of rough sex and hardcore bondage! The kind of sex that you are tied to a chair and you are forced to suck a dick or you are handcuffed on a bed and a huge cock or dildo penetrates your pussy. You will also find scenes where the woman is tied up in a dungeon, female domination, male domination, water sports, and all of the fetish action from lingerie to lashing.

The women here are being ‘tortured’ while having fun at the same time. Here pain is part of the pleasure. In fact, you have to involve pain and torture to increase the sexual pleasure. You will find lots of MILF getting a hard fuck and a deep one at that.

You will find all the ways to have rough sex at Kink Unlimited. This is a place where the males, as well as the females, show off their ‘brutal’ sides to inflict pain on each other to enjoy hardcore sex. The erotic videos show that rough sex is something that one can enjoy if it is done the right way. The guys know how to rough up these moms until they call out their names louder begging for penetration.

As a member, you get to see nudes of sexy MILFs, watch HD videos, and get full access to site bonuses. There is also free live cam credit for members! It is a great site to join because once you join, you get full access to the 30 porn sites listed in their network too. With over 12,521 sex scenes from all these sites, you will have something to keep you going every day.

The camera work is impressive! They have captured amazing footage of women being ‘tortured’ and forced to suck big dicks as well as big dicks and dildos being forced on their yearning pussies. The women seem to be screaming due to pain, but at the same time, they are yearning for dick. There is nothing so arousing like you clit being sucked and tease with a large dick while you are tied up and there is nothing you can do about it. That emotional torture makes the rough sex appealing.


  • HD content

The site has quality content. The quality of everything from videos to pictures won’t disappoint you. You find tons of fetish material at Kink Unlimited. Also, there are caps, images and ZIP files offered. Hundreds of MILFs here have a thing for rough sex, and like being humiliated. In addition, there are thousands of bonuses to keep you aroused anytime you feel like. In fact, as a member, when it comes to the quantity of content you get, you can’t complain.

  • Sexy MILFs

Here you will find younger women and older woman who has aged gracefully, but they are ready to embrace shame and ‘torture’ in the name of sexual pleasure. They have the looks that can turn any man or woman on. There is something that turns any man on when they see a sexy woman naked and handcuffed, her legs wide apart being forced to take in a huge dildo. Some are forced to spread the jaws and a large cock is forced in the mouth. If you have something for rough sex, then these acts will be a turn on.

  • Site bonuses

You will have full access to 30 sites in their network once you sign up. This makes the site worth joining. You can imagine having to enjoy erotic scenes from 30 great sites. In fact, you will have more than 12,521 scenes to stream and download. Having a lot of content to stream and download makes the site worth joining. In fact, the membership is less expensive considering that you will have all these content at your disposal.

  • Frequent updates

The site is updated with 10+ new videos every week! That is good news! This is one of the reasons to subscribe to a site! One will have new content to watch every week.


  • Movies are 40-50 minutes and come in large files.
  • Not a lot of images to download
  • No add to favorite function to bookmark your favorite videos
  • Older videos may not have the same download options as the new ones do
  • No Advanced search tool
  • Expensive membership

Site Details

Content; than 12,521 exclusive scenes and all fetishes
Quality; HD content
Models; MILF, Mature women,  Teens
Membership plans; one month, three months, six months, and yearly
Downloads or stream; no limits
Category; MILF porn, Hardcore, rough sex, bondage

Membership Details

1 Month; $39.99
3 Month; $29.99/month Billed in one payment of $89.97 every 90 days
6 Month; $22.99/month Billed in one payment of $137.95 every 6 months
1 year; $19.99/mo. Billed in one payment of $239.88 annually


The site is known for producing high quality videos and pictures, and it is working for the rough sex lovers. The humiliation comes in many levels. Women are roughed up here, and they seem to enjoy every bit of it. Not only will the torture drive you nuts, but it is streamed with amazing quality. The men don’t just ride these moms, but they fuck them harder, deeper, and deeper until they moan and scream due to pleasure and pain at the same time. The language and action are ‘dirty’ and ‘naughty’, so If you are into BDSM, Hogtied, Device Bondage, Sadistic Rope, Public Disgrace, Hardcore Gangbang, Dungeon Sex, and hardcore rough sex then you should join this site. There are so many other reasons you should join this site.

Overall, I give a score of 96/100.

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