Cougars have reasons to go after young guys. Here they are.

Have you ever wondered what makes cougars want to go after younger men? Time and again we see hot, voluptuous older women, going after younger guys to fulfill their lustful fantasies. In this article, we will be deep diving into some of the top reasons as to why that happens.

There are a lot of websites where you can find amazing cougar content, and milfpornreviews is a site that hosts some of the best cougar websites on the internet, along with in-depth reviews of them. The popularity of the cougar genre in porn is a testament to the fact that there is a curiosity in millions of people online, as to why cougars prefer young men, along with an appreciation for the kink involved.

Cougars like being in charge. They usually have more relationship experience as well as sexual experience as compared to their younger partner, and they enjoy dominating the steamy hot sessions in the bedroom (or literally, anywhere else). They drive the game home, playing it by their rules and derive pleasure in taking the charge of the game. That is the primary reason as to why cougars prefer having sex with young, energetic men.

Other than taking the lead in all the kinky things that happen in the bedroom, another contributing factor to the fact that cougars like to have sex with young men, is that men of their age might not be as handsome and attractive as 26 and 28-year-old guys. After all, a 45 or 50-year man can barely compete with the energy and body of a 26-year-old guy in the prime of his manhood. This is something that excites cougars and having erotic experiences with young men makes them feel youthful again as well.

She can sweep her younger lover off of his feet with gifts and more things to offer than he does. And then there is the no strings attached part of the relationship where young guys are all about fun and there is little to no drama and seriousness involved most of the time; which makes sex even more amazing. After all, we all want the kind of sex that makes us feel alive, don’t we?