Types of MILFs – Part 1

There is an old adage saying that women are like wine, they become tastier and more addicting in time. Thus it is no wonder why boys and men dream and fantasize about more mature women or who are better known as MILFs. Like wine, there are different kinds and variations of MILFs out there, and in this blog, we will discuss them for you to know how to deal with them and how to catch your dream MILF.

1. Closet MILF

These are your MILFs that dress up and carry themselves simply. They know how to accentuate their assets but do not reveal much skin to get attention. They stay true to their responsibilities as moms but they have a closet filled with desire waiting to be opened. They can be subdivided to two categories, the passive and active closet MILFs. Passive MILFs are aware of their needs but they do not act on it, rather, they wait for someone to open the closet for them. You have to be careful when approaching them since they are still holding their sexual reigns to a degree. To have them, you have work slowly and deliberately, prying open their sexuality little by little until they cannot hold it any longer and just give in to your advances. The second category is the active closet MILF which also hide their sexual hunger in their closet but are willing to open it but in secrecy. Discretion is the secret here, they can give in to you but since they are very mindful of their mom persona, they keep their sexual escapades in the dark.

2. The Elite

The Elite MILFs also display confidence and sexiness in how they dress or carry their selves but in a more classy way. They know what they want and they will get what they want but it doesn’t mean that they will just give in to you. They have a certain set of standards that you must fulfill to get their full attention but if you do, it will be worth it.  They are open to casual sex arrangements but they are also willing to get into a committed relationship. They are very domineering, so you must have a sense of confidence in yourself to maintain an intimate relationship with them. They are also loyal partners and they are sure to take care of you once you have tamed their heart but don’t be foolish though, one gross mistake and they easily give you the boot.

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